The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is used to power any type of Pipe Facing Machines and feed the motors through a high pressure hydraulic circuit (170 Bar) and a low pressure circuit to be suitable for those Pipe Facing Machines that have a high pressure circuit separate from the low one. The pressure in both the high and low circuits is generated by two pumps driven by an electric motor or by a diesel engine with a power of about 75HP.

Designed to provide power for heavy, systematic lifting, both types of HPU come equipped with pressure relief valves, pressure gauges and quick disconnect coupling to endure the highest safety during operation.

Both the diesel and electric HPU can be fitted to operate in extreme weather condition, specifically for desert application (motors are available with a higher temperature rating of 50°c) or artic application (motors are available ready to operate down to -50°c

The Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit is self-contained power source that can be utilised in any location, regardless of available electrical supply. Only requiring the addition of fuel, the simple circuit set-up is easier to service.
The machines are equipped with:
Back fluid tank adapt to contain all oil and diesel fuel in case of tank breakage
Casings equipped for lifting with hooks for cranes and pockets for Klifts
High noise abatement silencer
Connecting pipe length of 12mt
Our Electric HPU are suitable to feed any Pipe Facing Machine from size 6” to 72”. A more efficient power source, with lower maintenance costs and higher dependability, the machines are equipped with:
Umbilical connecting kit with 12mt of length
Casings equipped for lifting with hooks for cranes and pockets for forklifts
Drip tray to reverse any oil leakage